Lourdes High School About 1960

Class Prophecies

Class Prophecies from by Tom Towey's LHS Website (which no longer exists).  Tom Credited Karen (Horton) Schultz for providing the information.  

I think John Baker will probably be A detective for some big company. It might be, however, that this job won’t last Unless he quits dreaming of that English girl, and fast!

Kathy Bartels, with the talents she has, Will run a theatre and all that cool jazz.

Like a woman by the name of Grace Paula Bendry has found her place. It is rumored in the air She will grace a throne somewhere. Even with her lightened hair.

Mary Boller who likes to babble Will never stop telling of Washington travel.

Tom Briese will follow in his father’s shoes And keep the kids from drinking--Pepsi?

John Brogan is an airplane pilot All across the world he flies it. But he really has one favorite spot He visits Hollywood quite a lot.

In between raising little "Pauls" Donna (Buske) will be working at fire halls

While everyone struggles through thick, thin and strife, "Mouse" Campbell will nibble his way through life.

Bob Christopherson, we hope to see Working in Kathy’s bakery

Charlie Clark, working like a grizzly Will find a slogan, fit for Fizby

Bill Connelly always gets up with the alarm To attend to the jobs on his trusty old farm.

Bob Connelly will travel to college and be, A well-known professor with his PHD.

Whatever Carol Cronin will do We know she will do it well But just how famous she will be Only time will tell.

Betty Daly will make quite a stir When she writes her columns in the newspaper, Her editorials will be a success If the editor can get them to press.

Marilyn Dettloff will teach country school Teaching the children the Golden Rule.

Although Pat Doherty doesn’t say much In the future she’ll show her magic touch.

Soon a sailor Jim Donlinger will be And then he’ll go on a Navy Spree

Another Ben Hogan, Pete Duffy will be If he learns to hit the ball instead of the tee.

Tony (Dukart) One of our golf experts, Also excels in the way he flirts. He’s Don Juan & Romeo all rolled into one And his life can be summed up in one word FUN!

Another bright senior, Sandy Eiffler by name, may come to be known for her gambling fame For she’ll roll and roll and roll those dice If it all turns out for the right Price.

Another biology teacher "Ferg" (Tom Ferguson) will be Taking after our renowned Mr. Wente. He’ll stand before his class with a gigantic smile, joyfully reminiscing his running the mile

Mike Finn, who is constantly catching up on his sleep, Is beginning to tell how may dividends this reaps. He’s acquired a job beginning next fall, Posing for the ads for Geritol.

Rita Fitzgerald with flaming red hair Will someday be queen of the county fair.

Marcy Fleischer we see selling Bosco She’ll go quite a ways while she’s at Osco

Patty Flynn who will never harp Is thought by Denny to be sharp. Actually, we agree with Denny She’ll go far with just a penny.

David Fritsch needs new glasses Because with dogs he’s making passes. Unless he’s laid upon a stretcher, He’s sure to become our new dog catcher.

Since John Gannon’s fancy is strictly cars, he’ll invent one that’ll take him to Mars.

Marlin Graves will soon appear As the Esquire model of the year.

On to success Janice Gauthier will roll, In order to reach her ultimate goal.

Pat Goodman is frequently found All over town just roddin’ around. Because he handles a car so fine He soon will own a trucking line.

Robert Hand will someday be A famous executive - wait and see. And on his office door, written so grand Will be this name - Emmett Hand.

The town of Winona is far away Gee - that’s too bad - Sharon Hathaway.

Displaying artistic skills Celie Hick will be famous as the painter of Beverly Hills.

Jerry Hoban really can cause quite a riot. He’ll work with models, what a way to live! Testing the products of Kiss-proof "Viv".

Karen Horton no doubt will be the best dressed mermaid in the sea.

Florence Jansen’s future life will be that of a devoted wife.

Jim Jesseau will undoubtedly be a scientist of renown, just wait and see.

Marilyn Jones with her sweet red blush Will live by saying, "What’s the rush"?.

If you’re ever in need of a party just give Annie (Ann Joyce) a call In the future she will be the “hostess with the mostest” on the ball.

If Celie Keefe is good and does what she oughter, She may be a homemaker in a cabin at Whitewater.

Mike Kennedy you will see an Olympic skier someday will be. Fishing will occupy most of his time but he’ll sell Sealy mattresses for only a dime.

Peggy Kilpatrick one in the same not any French is found in her name. All agree one ambition has she back to Europe and gay Paree!

"Taxi! Taxi!" and who’s behind the wheel Judy Konkel, a cabbie for real

A famous composer Charlie Krause will be revising "My Bonnie Lies Over the Sea."

The scientific mind of Dave the brain (Kubiatowicz) made it easy for us on our mental strain. We see there’s a job waiting form on the outskirts of town at IBM.

Ed Kujawa with his tremendous speed as typist in the future will need a secretary to help him proofread.

Joe Leonard the great thinker Will be none less than a head shrinker

Out of the cold and silent dark We know it was Maureen Lawler that sunk the Bismark. But she is bound to do some good we hear she’s bring back the hood

Colleen Loftus will go to St. Kate’s mainly to be near St. Thomas’ gates.

Tom Lyke will be another Jack Parr And we’re sure that he will go quite far. But light-footed Tom will surely balk and dance right off the stage - not walk.

Dottie McBride with her smiles will warm all hearts for miles. A bookkeeper she will be with a boss just as happy as she.

Janet McCarter can put on a skit, But the question arises - how far will she get? Some people predict, yet others still know she’ll probably be a second Garbo.

Dentistry will be Mike McConnel’s line. I only hope the teeth aren’t mine. Free of charge will his gold be polished I surely hope it’s not demolished.

Pat McCoy will be content on the beautiful plains of Pine Island. But Pat, remember please that boys may be plentier in Thailand.

Karen McLaughlin with her horn In Lawrence Welk’s Band will be. Blowing it loud every morn Happy she’ll always be.

Knowing her fondness for fruit From the orchards will come Kitty’s (McNeil) loot. Her favorite we shall all agree Is none less that the great pear tree.

William Mahon will construct; you see A shortcut between here and Milville. And happy he will truly be until he gets that big huge bill.

Tom Maloney can soon be seen working behind an IBM machine.

Rory Mattson will really cause trouble when he walks into town as a gangster’s double. He surely will appear to be a frightening sight. But just remember: His bark is worse than his bite.

A Matzke girl by the name of Betty When opportunity knocks, we’re sure she’ll’ be ready.

Martha Mayhood at St. Kate’s will be out to get her MRS degree.

John Miller won’t get his hole in one until he has a certain girl won.

Sharon Neil we shall see at the ring sider not as a spectator, but as a bareback rider.

Tilly Murphy is Mary’s man. She’s his one and only fan. Together they will ride away. We’re sure they’ll go just any day.

Richard "Ricky" Nelson has retired from his weekly series. Soon he’ll be out raisin’ the berries.

We predict Gary Nolden will be A great success from A to Z.

Louis Noreiga will be principal of a school.  There he’ll have to enforce the rule.

Jim O’Brien is quite the outdoors man. He loves to fish on sea and land.

With her quiet way and smile of cheer Jeanne O’Neil will be chosen secretary of the year.

Pat O’Neil was really meant to be our girl to advertise Kent.

Tom Payne will no doubt go quite far. Probably with the aid of his little red car. Most likely to succeed we all vote him He’ll probably be president of IBM.

Jay Pappas will run a restaurant that’s new, and his specialty will be none less than Shop "Sue"

Dee Ann Plein with her quiet ways will be a celebrity one of these days.

Although Al Pehler is a local cavalier, now and then he still strips a gear. Among the hot-rodders he’ll cause quite a stir When he becomes an officer.

A musician in the crowd Rosie Price by name, with her silver flute she’ll surely reach fame.

If Mary Priebe doesn’t become a first-class chorus girl, we know she’s missed her calling and a chance for quite a whirl.

Diane Rieple will be a bookkeeper for the Husband firm This will undoubtedly be for a lifelong term.

Bob Rusher alias "Boppin, Boxin, Bob" Probably won’t be able to get a job.

For Mary Ryan we’ve quite a list,  a singer, a shoe seller, or a humorist.

Bruce Schaeffer being not too tall, will bounce thru life on a basketball.

Around the world in 80 days Margie Schleck will go in many ways a stewardess for TWA - Hooray!

Mike Harper Shaffer our pride and joy will someday be a veterinarian boy. He’s fond of animals, that you can see especially a cool cat called "Kitty"

A coach of a church league, Jim Sibley turned out to be, and still finds trouble collecting the fee.

Being a cha-cha teacher is the source of Sharon Singfiel’s true remorse.  For in the midst of her honor and glory, she ended up in front of a jury.

Mary Beth (Sitzer) and her car will turn out to be In the exotic city of gay Paree.

We see in the future a man named Dave Skeels Who now earns more that $.30 meals. With headlines and features, he now again deals, and still goes around making very long speels.

Mike Skelly his fame will meet when he becomes next year’s "Man on the Street".

Diane Smith with all her charm Will soon be walking by someone’s arm.

The world shall never forget the name that won for its owner so much fame.  In John Smith we see a man of prestige who fought off the enemy at every siege.

Hard work and sacrifice can well explain why Mary Ann Timm received so much acclaim. A nurse at St. Mary’s she turned out to be working as hard as ever, don’t you see?

Way far across the sea Is a Lourdes boy, Tim Towey In Wong’s Café he got his start.  Now in China he’s doing his part.

Tom Towey while driving the Merc like to gun her but he can’t lose the cops, not this roadrunner. A life of fame for him we see.  Or maybe he’ll just get a job at B & B.

Judy Tupper has sailed off to sea. A Wave in Uncle Sam’s Naveeee.  She joined may years ago for reason we all know.

Tom Underwood soon will be a living example of photography. He’ll turn the lights low to develop a print,  but that’s not all - if you get the hint.

A graduate of Daniel’s is Miss Vang She hit Hollywood with a bang. She’s out among the movie queens fixing hair do’s for the screens.

Michael Vath Since he’s a whiz, will succeed in math and every quiz.

For Bob Voeltz you might say a hobby turned out in a profitable way. He started fixing cars long ago and into a business it did grow.

Martin Wagner in all his grace will not doubt run a bowling place.

Jim Walsh, since he’s so quiet will be an undertaker and cause a riot

Taking a hint from the Old Red Mill Joe Weivoda is at it still. A private Dick he turned out to be using "marvelous, marvelous," as his key

Mary Welhaven, a Lourdes lass Is doing well with the high-class brass. Her music is at all record stands She plays with many big-name bands.

Mary Ann Wera, we seem to see has taken up photography.

Mary Ann Wheelock will be a waitress Working at a "Mike-to-Mike" service.

Frannie Weiseler is likely to be a general in the US Army.

In her petite little ways Ann Weiseler will have many grand days.

Sharon Wolpers will keep her smile and cheer up people all the while

The beatnik of the future, here Is David Zimmerman, we all fear.

Prophesy Information Provided by Karen (Horton) Schultz