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11th Hour Musings

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This "11th Hour Musings" page allows (onlyclassmates from the Rochester Lourdes High class of 1960 (or family member) to verbalize what's on your mind in a pithy ("concise and meaningful") manner to be published on this page.   I suppose this could be an experience, advice, warning, poem, prayer etc. Subject matter MUST be non-political and suitable for publication on our Catholic HS Blog.  Anything quoted should be cited so I can include the author's name. For now  publication frequency will be 1 submission per person per month.   I will include your name in the submissions. These requirements will probably change. Please email your submissions to:


I've added the  "11th Hour Musings"  page to the the LHS60 Blog because going forward in lieu of any more reunions or formal celebrations, the "Recent News" page and "Deceased Classmates" page will mostly be dire. So please get your submissions in before the clock strikes midnight! 

And thus, your Site Manager makes the first (and 2nd) submissions:

[1] Dave Kubiatowicz, 9.10.23

        Late Fragment
And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
"I did."
And what did you want?
"To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth."

Raymond Carver [1938-1988]

[2] Dave Kubiatowicz, 10.3.2023

Someone I loved once gave me
A box full of darkness.
It took me  years to understand
That this, too, was a gift.

Mary Oliver (1935-2019)

[3] Dave Kubiatowicz 11.25.2023

The true memories
lie on the aging pages
of his two diaries.

D Kubiatowicz (6,6,2022)

[4] Patiently waiting to receive an item to  post.