Lourdes High School About 1960

Class History

This Class History is copied from by Tom Towey's LHS Website (which no longer exists). Tom Credited Karen (Horton) Schultz for providing the information.

The History of the Graduation Class of 1960

First Grade 1948-49): It was a bright September morning in l948 when a group of then bewildered first graders poked their heads into the classrooms for the first time, gazing cautiously at the new teachers, Sister Verona, and Sister Tarsisius. There were 41 of us first graders who would later reach the summit of education--HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION! First grade was made up of the following: John Brogan, Donna Buske, Robert Campbell, Carol Cronin, Betty Daly, Marilyn Dettloff, Tom Ferguson, Patty Flynn, John Gannon, Pat Goodman, Robert Hand, Sharon Hirman, Karen Horton, Florence Janson, Marilyn Jones, Ann Joyce, Celie Keefe, Mike Kennedy, Joe Leonard, Janet McCarter, Mike McConnel, Pat McCoy, Kitty McNeil, Tom Maloney, Martha Mayhood, Carlton Murphy, Sharon Neil, Gary Nolden, Jay Pappas, Dee Ann Plein, Mary Priebe, Mary Ryan, Bruce Schaefer, Jim Sibley, Mary Beth Sitzer, Dave Skeels, Mike Skelly, Diane Smith, Tom Towey, Tom Underwood, Marcia Vang, Bob Voeltz, Joe Weivoda, Mary Welhaven, Mary Ann Wera, Mary Ann Wheelock, and Sharon Wolpers. It took Martha Mayhood quite a while and a very sore nose to learn that crayons were for drawing and not for painting our nostrils. Joe Weivoda used to skip out of school (unusual for him) because he was afraid Sister would call on him to read. Funny that he should be afraid, he was the best story teller in the class. One day he told us about his four older brothers and how his BIG dog saved one of them from drowning in the BIG pond in front of his house.

Second Grade (1949-50): By the time we reached second grade we were old veterans. We were joined by John Baker, Kathy Bartels, Tom Briese, Pete Duffy, Jim O’Brien and Diane Rieple. Sister Gabriella and Sister Amada began training our young minds for that important part of our schooling - -HOMEWORK. None of us will ever forget the weeks of drilling in Catechism that prepared us for confession and our First Holy Communion. But weren’t we rewarded a thousand times when we received Christ for the first time into hearts? That was one day we shall never forget. Dramatic awards could have been presented to members of the cast of "Cinderella" this year.

Third grade (1950-51): This year held more public experiences for us. Six new members were added to the class, Dave Fritsch, Sharon Hathaway, Maureen Lawler, Albert Pehler, Mike Shaffer, and Dave Zimmerman. It was at this time that we began forming study habits and acquainting ourselves with the responsibilities of grade school life. Our musical talents were displayed when we took part in a RHYTHM BAND. Little Mary Beth’s big voice echoed through the auditorium when she sang "Jingle Bells". Sister Ignace and Miss Devlin labored over us this year. Kathy Bartels was praised by her fellow classmates for her ability in penmanship the time she changed all the C’s on her report card to A’s.

Fourth grade (1951-52): Was the stepping stone to greater learning was finally upon us. Long division and time tables perplexed us at the beginning of the year, but Sisters LuAnne and Vergona helped us to understand and started us along the right road. There were no additions to our class this year with the exception of Mrs. O’Shaughnessy who took over Sister Vergona’s class later in the year. Some of times never to be forgotten from Sister Vergona’s classroom happenings are as follows: Jim Sibley’s mile race with her while trying to break out to phone his mother, Gary Nolden’s tight squeeze in the waste basket, and the time Sister brought a bonnet and rattle for Janet McCarter so she could suck her thumb in the proper attire. .

Fifth Grade (1952-53): Amid sorrowful "good-byes", St. Francis students departed to join Sister Christella and Malcolm, leaving the rest of us in the hands of Sister Kenan and Mrs. Lenton. New faces that were greeted by all were that of Tony Dukart, Bob Christopherson, Rita Fitzgerald, Janice Gauthier, Jerry Hoban, Karen McLaughlin, Rory Mattson, Sharon Singfield, Tim Towey, and Judy Tupper. Although in separate schools, our entire class learned how to square dance during the noon hours. During recess one day the ball Father Cody hit while playing with the boys, got out of control and broke Miss O'Shaughnessy's classroom window. Father was leaving poor Bob Campbell holding the bat. A wonderful climax to the St. Francis students year was their enrollment in the Army of Christ, through Confirmation. This was the year that James O’Brien earned his nick name "Animal". After checking his traps at the State Hospital grounds prior to going school he earned the class of Sister Malcolm a long, long recess as she fumigated the classroom. Seems "Animal" had caught a skunk in one of his traps.

Sixth grade (1953-54): It was the beginning of our social life. Our house parties and the close relationship of the members of our little groups were to continue for our remaining school years. Sister Kenan and Hilarian at St. John’s and Sister’s Padric and Robert at St. Francis prepared our minds to advance into the years of junior high well equipped with knowledge. Kennedy, the apple polisher, will never forget his many long sessions with his favorite teacher, Sister Hilarian. With the help and encouragement of Sister Donald many of us became faithful members of the church choir. It was a sad year for poor Mike McConnell who was dethroned from his honorable name "toughie" of the class after being thrown in a terrific match by Dave Zimmerman. Jim Donlinger now reigns. We felt we were really getting up there when both of our schools organized their own basketball teams, complete with uniforms and cheerleaders

Seventh Grade (1954-55): Our two classes were joined together again this year with Sister Kenan and Miss O’Shaughnessy who guided us through seventh grade. Marcy Fleischer and Mike Vath were enrolled into the class. St. John’s students joined their friends in the ranks as Soldiers of Christ. We also made our first retreat this year. For many of us silence was a little difficult but we all gained a great flood of spiritual strength from it. With Sister Kenan’s help the girls presented a musical variety show for the student body and our parents. The program consisted of such songs as the "A B C Boogie" and the Deadwood State:, complete with original costumes and all. Many of the girls turned green with envy as they watched Betty Daly, Marilyn Jones and Karen Horton amble through the halls holding hands with Pat Goodman, Dave Skeels and Tony Dukart. Other celebrities in this field were Kitty McNeil and John Baker, Ann Joyce and Tom Towey, and Mary Beth Sitzer and Mike "Harper" Shaffer.

Eighth grade (1955-56): found our class divided once again. Those at St. Francis were under the supervision of Sisters Padric and Patricia. Those at St. John’s were helped by Sister Leonius and Sister Columbane. This year we welcomed Paula Bendry, Jeanne O’Neil and Patty O’Neil. Some of the elite members of our class thought it would be funny to put sand in Miss O'Shaughnessy's gas tank. The boys soon found out the results were not so comical. We finally graduated from eight grade enabling us to proceed on to Lourdes.

Freshmen (1956-57): Like all freshman, our first year of high school was baffling, puzzling, yet very exciting and interesting to us. We began exploring the new found privileges and duties of the high school student. We soon found out that were puppets of the bell. We moved every time it rang, not always in the right direction, but we did move. Joining us this year were Charles Clark, Bob Connelly, William Connelly, Jim Donlinger, Marlin Graves, Celie Hick, Peggy Kilpatrick, Ed Kujawa, Colleen Loftus, Tom Lyke, Dorothy Mc Bride, Bill Mahon, Betty Matzke, Richard Nelson, Tom Payne, Mary Timm, Martin Wagner and James Walsh. Even though we were the babies of Lourdes were still included in all activities - - dances, games, assemblies and such. We were also enrolled in the C.S.M.C. - - a group we would belong to throughout the next four years. Our first homecoming floats proved to be an interesting "Experiment", especially the one that was being built at Mc Neil's - Homeroom 104. The girls this year took on a dare-devilish attitude, this was displayed when two of them - Ethel Ann and her friend decided to have a drag in the middle of the night with a big black Oldsmobile. Our favorite slang word used was "NUB".

Sophomore (1957-58): With our first year’s difficulties behind us we entered tenth grade. We were now becoming more familiar with the routine. Changing rooms for each class wasn’t quite such a major operation anymore. Our new classmates, Mary Boller, Pat Doherty, Jim Jesseau and Bob Rusher enjoyed this interesting experience just as we did. A few of the girls got into shape for school this year by riding their bikes out to Dottie Mc Brides in Simpson. Poor little sobbing Marilyn had to hitch a ride for herself and her bike in a little green sportscar. Our studious boys this year used to meet at "Nick". The girls often wondered what they did there - HOMEWORK? Such boys they were. And what about Jim O’Brien and all his fascinating traps out at the State Hospital. This outdoors man was the topic of many discussion s in Father Gavin’s Class.

Junior year (1958-59): This year brought us Sandy Eiffler, Sheryl Ellis, Judy Konkel, Dave Kubiatowicz, Louis Noreiga, Fran Wiesler and Ann Wiesler. Now we worked for the big event of the year; the Junior-Senior Prom. Our theme was "Mahea Lane" How could we ever forget the dyeing, sewing, ironing, toothpicking and tangling of the millions and millions of yards of cheesecloth, painting the mural; the work we did on the paper rocks that surrounded the beautiful brook and last but not least the beautiful work of the moon by a few of our talented boys. This was the first year that our class was able to go to Saint Paul and stay at hotels, to cheer our team on at the State Basketball Tourney. Neither boys or girls will ever forget their experiences there. This year was no exception from our round of parties. I guess the most exciting ones remembered from the last two years are the New Years parties. In the spring of this year we received our long awaited class rings

Seniors (1959-60): Somehow it felt different coming back to Lourdes for our last year. Into our ranks came Mike Finn, Charles Krause, John Miller, Rosalie Price, John Smith, and Margie Schleck. We worked hard on the plans for homecoming and Senior Room 101 took first place with their float. Paula Bendry reigned over the homecoming festivities with Carol Cronin, Mary An Wheelock, Mary Ryan and Celie Keefe as attendants. The long awaited Washington Trip arrived with 32 members of our class packing their bags. A few of the more ambitious ones in our class excited about our graduation plans - - ordering invitations, name cards, and pictures. Then too, our operetta, "The Red Mill" added to our enjoyment this year with many of our classmen in the staring roles. We became well acquainted with Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Marlowe in our English classes, and spent much of our after school hours working on the Eagle. In recalling the past four years it does not seem too boastful to say we carried on in the time honored tradition of Lourdes Many of us may shed an unseen tear and heave an unheard sigh at the thought of how much we have left behind us. At times some of us may have erred along the way, however, that belongs in the past. Lourdes forgave and forgot and now is ready to graduate us, handing our her diplomas and with them her best wishes for that lies ahead. Although they did not graduate with us, we had a number of classmates that joined us along the way; some for just a year or so, some for a much longer period of time. They still are a part of our school time memories. Do you remember: Mary Armstrong, John Beckley, Joanne Canhan, Howard Carroll, Sharon Clark. Mary Theresa Creed, Tom Collard, Virginia Delaney, Jackie Durand, Judy Durand, Barbara Ellis, Ronald Felt, Eileen Finley, Sharon Fischer, Jim Haack, Kenneth Heppelman, Bob Hollenhorst, John Hutson, Kitty Jack, Dennis Joriman, James Kampschrover, Gary Kilmer, Robert Kling, Joe Kocer, Judy Krofchalk, Richard Krumpleman. Raymond Ludwig, David Lilliquist, Joanne Mourning, Bill McNiff, Mary Roberts, Joanne Schmidt, Nancy Schommer, Betty Sexton, Howard Swartz, Heather Wall and Janalee White?