Lourdes High School About 1960

Class Last Will & Testament

 The Senior Class of 1960, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath, upon date of graduation, the following to the Junior Class: 

(Thanks to Karen (Horton) Schultz for providing this information. )

1. Brownie point man John Baker wills his over-anxiousness to give C.S.M.C. reports to Lenny Broich, and his magnifying glass to Burgomaster Jerry Hess.  

2. Kind Kathy Bartels leaves her athletic ability and her winning smile to Janice Borst. 

3. Pretty Paula Bendry donates the use of her little puppy "Suritol" as a mascot to the L.H.S. football team, and the loving care of him to Benny Clark, who has a special place in his heart.  

4. Meandering Mary Boller bestows her French dictionary, slightly used. to Rita Vail in case hers gets worn out. 

5. Timely Tom Briese reluctantly gives up his place in the hall of the Lafayette Hotel during the Washington Trip to George Schmelzer.  

6. Joyful John Brogan confers his good looks, quiet car, and worn out mufflers to Randy Schoenfelder. 

7. Poised, graceful Donna Buske grants her talent for working on people’s bridges to Karen Kara

8. Bob Campbell, better known as "Mouse" awards his bongos, both pair, to Karl Kuhn

9. Bopping Bob Christopherson assigns to Ronald Odman his great cheerleading ability. 

10. Diligent Charlie Clark presents his talent for wasting time to Donald Loftus because he, Don, is always so busy. 

11. Studious Bob Connelly gives away all the knowledge that he has acquired in his four glorious years at Lourdes to Jerry Jensen.  

12. Husky Bill Connelly dispenses of his long, lean and lanky frame to James Hines

13. Carefree Carol Cronin wills to Jim Macken all her good terms with the Bendrys because after the 12th he’ll need them.  

14. Bouncing Betty Daly disposes of her white tennis in favor of Mary Lou Prow so she can be queen of the hop next year.  

15. Mysterious Marilyn Dettloff relinquishes her long brown hair to Pat Boller

16. Pleasant Patricia Doherty makes a present of her fond love for her job at Bennies to Pat Pressnall and Dottie Sweeney.  

17. Golden Glover, Jim Donlinger, leaves his study hall sparring partner, namely Donald Loftus, to Pete, Rocky, Murphy.  

18. Pious Peter Duffy endows his mechanical shoes and 750 left-over Christmas trees to Mike Mertz 

19. Tired Tony Dukart cedes his healthy teeth to James Cole and his pale skin to Joyce Miller

20. Studious Sandy Eiffler delivers her deeply imbedded interest in aviation, and also her padded car visors over to Jerry Price.  

21. Shy Sheryl Ellis parts with her stilts to Ruthie Frie, and yields her blue Levi shirt to Dick Crawford

22. Temperate Tom Ferguson forsakes his well-known phase "Well, I don’t know what everyone is getting all excited about." to Jane Coleman.  

23. Vigilant Mike Finn bequeaths a year’s supply of No-Doze to Tom Watson

24. Rollicking, rambunctious Rita Fitzgerald lavishes her rosy red hair upon Mary Ann Lance

25. Merciful Marcy Fleischer sacrifices her cow bell to George Grieve, so he can ring it at all the games next year. 

26. Long, lean and lovely Patty Flynn offers her elevator shoes and saddle bag to Judy McElroy

27. Dubious Dave Fritsch forks over his doggonist dancing ability to Donnie Brennan

28. Joking John Gannon leaves behind his ability for class leadership to Steve Halling

29. Joyful Janice Gauthier parts with her swinging saxophone and speedy reading ability to Mike O’Hearn. 

30. Perky Pat Goodman delivers all his many answers in English and also his "all around student" award to Charles Kuisle.  

31. Mighty Marlin Graves consigns his beautiful blond hair to Ronald Schemmel. 

32. Silent, sincere, sober Bob Hand trusts his mummified Mamma Weaver outfit upon Earl Nigon and entrusts his diligent prompting job to Mary MacDonald.  

33. Sociable Sharon Hathaway administers to Mary Louise Dilworth her exquisite and natural driving ability and to Carol Griffin her famous purses; and to both of them her saying, :Have purse--will travel."  

34. Charming Celie Hick wills her passionate love for purple and her editor’s job to Moldy Carleen. 

35. Silent Sharon Hirman bequeaths her wanderlust to Kathy Caffrey

36. Jumping Jerry Hoban donates the five-year plan to Dick Dale in hopes that he will have better luck with it than he did.  

37. Cautious Karen Horton gives up her ability to write letters to Sue Towey in hopes that Sue will be able to please one certain senior.  

38. Florence Janson parts with her dark hair to Karen Hofschulte and her big beautiful eyes to Dorothy Smith. 

39. Jovial Jim Jesseau entrusts his well-trained, house-broken mechanical dog "Snoopy" to cool cat Mike Dahl; they should get along just fine.  

40. Marvelous Marilyn Jones endows her blush to Tom Heimer and her bike and map of Simpson to Alice Stettler

41. Countess Ann Joyce wills to Jerry Hrabe her well-known phrase "Ne parlez pas". 

42. Cowgirl Celie Keefe bequeaths her "Barnmaker of the Future" award to Bernetta Connelly and her good times running through the back forty to Randy Schoenfelder.  

43. Merry Mike Kennedy fondly bestows his innocence and his Social Science questions to Paul Fogarty

44. Perky Peggy Kilpatrick relinquishes her list of long lost loves to Jeff Bregman, who is not on this list as yet by the way, her ability to get caught talking in every class to loquacious Yvonne Roeder, and one well worn whip to Rita Vail.  

45. Jiving Judy Konkel wills her place in a certain red car to Phyllis Jensen

46. Cheery Charlie Krause leaves his loud mannerisms to Mary Sue Plein

47. Glorious Gladys McCarthy gives her beauty and brains back to the beast. 

48. Dizzy Dave Kubiatowicz donates to Sandy Neil his horse-back riding ability, hoping that she will make better use of it than he did.  

49. Effervescent Eddie Kujawa confers the typing room and all that goes with it to the entire Junior class to do with it as they see fit.  

50. Fun-loving Maureen Lawler consigns to Bill Pompeii her portable T.V. to be used only for watching chariot races and her uniforms to Carol Coggins in hopes that she won’t have to alter them any.  

51. Jerky Joe Leonard presents his broken nose to Earl Nigon and his baby-pink complexion and smooth skin to Dave Joswick  

52. Kookie Colleen Loftus assigns her inherited extra loud daily laugh and her cut dimples to Barb Weiseler for use in her senior class picture.  

53. Timorous Tom Lyke grants his can of shaving cream and his curly hair to Dennis Olson; and his drum sticks to the nearest chicken.  

54. Darling Dottie McBride delivers her skill to skip school without getting caught to Jim Macken and Bob Horton, plus the location of her home to Vickey Pull for sentimental reason.  

55. Jovial Janet McCarter leaves her dainty voice and graceful laugh to loud boisterous Chris Saam. 

56. Merciful Mike McConnell gladly leaves all his over-due make-up slips to Terry Clark

57. Peppy Patty McCoy bequeaths to Mary Dilworth her loving job at the telephone company. 

58. Knowledge Karen McLaughlin give up her European cruise and exciting trips to Mary Walsh

59. Cool Kitty McNeil allows her cow girl hat and jeans to be used by Sue Towey in thanks for her kind hospitality. 

60. Bubbly Bill Mahon wills his deeply embedded interest in school work to David Ryan

61. Terrible Tom Maloney and Tooth will their handy thumbs to Bob Kresback and anyone else who have a hard time getting rides to the games.  

62. Gory Rory Mattson bequeaths his manly physique to Jerry Hess and to Kathy McDonough his love of Geometry--yes, both years of it!!  

63. Benevolent Betty Matzke joyfully donates her uniform that has seen four wonderful years at LHS to Karen Thornton

64. Misty Martha Mayhood leaves her indecision in certain matters and also her indigestion to Sue Theobald. 

65. Judicial John Miller lavishes his passionate love for arguing, his rolled up pant legs and his clean white tennies upon Jim Carey.  

66. "Tillie", otherwise know as Murphy, sorrowfully leaves his share of "Belly Acres" to John Sibley and also, John is the lucky recipient of his bike.  

67. Sharp Sharon Neil wills to Vickie Pull a certain blue Ford and also the rut it’s in . 

68. Delirious Dick Nelson leaves his masculine build to Jim Rossman

69. Galloping Gary Nolden forsakes his bike and padlock to Timmy Frutiger exclusively. 

70. Loquacious Louis Noreiga leaves his book "How to Cha-Cha in 10 Easy Lessons" to Frank Hayft.. 

71. Jim, Animal, O’Brien wills his ever present hatred for four legged creatures to animal lover Tom Starken. 

72. Puzzling Pat O’Neil contributes her height and straight hair to Shelia Johnson 

73. Speedy Jeanne O’Neil yields, as she leaves these hallowed halls of LHS, her many shorthand awards to Mary Walsh

74. Jittery Jay Pappas awards his small nose and 500 free meals at Michael’s to Helen Reichert and also his Washington trip to Bill Pompeii, cuz he wants so much to see it.  

75. Towering Tom Payne sacrifices all his he-ham muscles to Mike Norrie with the assurance that they are in top condition because they have never been used.  

76. Alert Al Pehler donates his sturdy legs to Mike Braun who might just be able to use them. 

77. Deceiving Dee Ann Plein bequeaths her reserved attitude to Carolyn Kuempel. 

78. Rollicking Rosie Price sadly relinquishes her "down beat job" as student band director to "up-beat" Bill Donahue

79. Quiet, reserved, Mary Priebe wills her ability to get along with stenography teachers to loud, boisterous Faline Thompson.  

80. Delirious Diane Rieple bestows her never changing hair, color and style, to Pam Breault

81. Breezy Bob Rusher gives up his superb job of peroxide and his swinging car to Richard Hines. 

82. Motionless Mary Ryan willfully donates her match-making talent and her "cupid" book to Darlene Fritsch, and her brownie points with senior religion teachers to Kathy Rathke.  

83. Babbling Bruce Schaefer grants his dishpan hands and well, for that matter, the whole dishroom at the Scandia to Judy Radam.  

84. Musical Marjorie Schleck bestows her roller-skates and skating outfit to Nancy Christopherson and her many magazines to Jim Macken.  

85. Mischievous Mike Schaffer assigns to anyone that wants it, the name Harpoon Hanna and also his excellent driving techniques to Lenny Broich.  

86. Just Jim Sibley bequeaths his fantastic typing ability to Norton Maas 

87. Sassy Sharon Singfiel wills her talent for having fun with everyone and her pleasant disposition to Dottie Smith.

88. Molecular Mary Beth Sitzer leaves all of her outgrown clothes to baby doll Lucy Ramey and the loving care of her hamster "Archie" to Helen Reichert.  

89. Darling delinquent Dave Skeels endows all territorial rights of the "Wastes" basketball team to Charles Arnold and his Charlie Weaver outfit to Jim Mitchell.  

90. "Actually" Mike Skelly wills the exclusive right to use the word "actually" in any manner and form he sees fit to John Barrett.  

91. Deliberate Diane Smith gives to Mary Brogran her excellent driving ability. 

92. Jocular John Smith bequeaths his well chosen vocabulary to Marjorie Hengel. 

93. Magnanimous Mary Ann Timm invests her efficiency as an office assistant, her charity, and her every-ready smile to Barb Vasiloff.  

94. Tranquil Tim Towey disposes of all the Chinese food and girls at Wong’s to Bennie Clark. 

95. Tough Tom Towey gladly relinquishes all of his freckles to Jake Manahan and his suntan skin to Ken Wees

96. Jubilant Judy Tupper delivers her job at the Scandia, and she’d like to, to Marilyn Dahl. 

97. Thoughtful Tom Underwood wills his dark room to Chris Lund and Judy Funk. Why? Just to see what develops! 

98. Mad Mike Vath allows John Leitzen to use his talent for towering over people. 

99. Modern Marcia Vang confers upon Rita Vail, Marilyn Pierce, and all the other girls in Algebra II, all the problems that she did by the formula.  

100. Brainy Bob Voeltz leaves behind his parking place to Tom Mahon so he can’t be seen skipping school in the afternoon.  

101. Monastic Martin Wagner donates his passionate love for school in general to Gerald Dormady. 

102. Jarring Jim Walsh wills his muscle-building book to Paul Jack

103. Jogging Joe Weivoda hands over his ability to breeze through the mile to Harry Miller. 

104. Magnetic Mary Welhaven bestows all her friends in Lake City upon Ed Zuehlke for many reasons. 

105. Morose Mary Ann Wera joyfully awards her "B" in Religion to Diane Graham so she can be kept off the A honor roll, too.  

106. Mopey Mary Ann Wheelock gives to Bill Pompeii all of her French marks and Germain Langdon her catechetical experience.  

107. Ardent Ann Weiseler donates her winning way with the farm animals and her cowgirl jeans to Mary Ann Connelly

108. Fiery Franie Weiseler grants, with a note of sorrow, his job at Saint Mary's and also all the girls that go with it to James Cole.  

109. Sincere Sharon Wolpers leaves her passionate desires to enter homeroom to Cathy Haefner 

110. Daring Dave Zimmerman bestows his bowling ball, shoes, and towels to Paul Fiend. 

And for the final touch, that means so little, the senior class, whole and collectively, wills to the entire Junior class, the use and facilities of our new heated pool--minus water. 

The senior class of 1960 has high hopes that the articles bequeathed on this day to the junior class will succeed in bringing them the exciting and successful year that the seniors had during their last year at Lourdes. 

Thanks to Karen (Horton) Schultz for providing this information.